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Welcome to My School

My School is a distinctive initiative to educate your child. It is an effort to invent superior education techniques with advent of stable yet steady education. We have a sense of eminence which incorporates innovative curriculum techniques with creative learning ideas.

At My School, your kid will explore the stories beyond their books. Here, we believe in immense passion to give a solution to a child’s curiosity that will help their minds discover the unnoticed fairy-tales. We together will yarn untold stories. Come, be a part of our family, let your kids nurture interactive learning.

A Premier educational centre for language correction, enhancement and improvement. MY SCHOOL has assisted over 3000 students from all walks of life with their Language, Communication and confidence built-up.

Specially designed courses and content with interactive components are delivered by Professional and most enthusiastic trainers to set a benchmark in language education. Streamlined training methodology supported by state-of-the-art classrooms with Audio/Video facility. MY SCHOOL assists in delivering and achieving results for students’ overall development.

MY SCHOOL imparts training in students for play group, Nursery and adults English, German, French, and Spanish languages, besides providing courses on Voice & Accent, Translations and English Grammar correction.